Studio & Process

My Process

Abstract Painting

I begin my paintings with a textured base without the finished image in mind. Each painting will take its form, colors and intent as I work through it. It’s a process of discovering hidden patterns and ideas by the application and excavation of the surface. My preferred painting materials are encaustic, oil bars with cold wax, and acrylic. The base I am working on determines which I use.


My collages are a little more intentional in process and imagery. I usually begin with the application of textural materials, perhaps bark paper, fabric remnants, dress pattern tissue – just about anything that will serve as a base. Sometimes I add patterned or figurative cutouts to begin a build up of interesting ideas. Collages are a special kind of puzzle solving practice for me. I frequently use encaustic medium as an adhesive and a finish.


I truly enjoy the freedom of monotype printmaking. Monotype has a mind of its own – I let it have its own way. The process does not need a press, can be done with many types of inks or paints and a variety of papers work well in monotype. It can be pretty messy – love messy! Encaustic paints on rice paper create magical translucent patterns.


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Located in the beautiful Neighborhood of the Arts in Rochester, New York